383 Ein Hoch Der Liebe – Wencke Myhre (Germany, 1968)

Wencke Myhre

Wencke Myhre

Ein Hoch Der Liebe (A Toast To Love) was written by Horst Jankowski who was well known in Britain for his easy listening instrumental A Walk In The Black Forest. That song had been an unlikely Top 3 hit in the summer of 1965, kept from the top of the UK charts only by Sonny and Cher’s I Got You Babe and Help by the Beatles. Perhaps that’s why Ein Hoch Der Liebe proved so popular with the UK jury, who had ten points to distribute among 16 entries but gave a whopping five of them all to Germany. It’s one of only two occasions that the United Kingdom have given their maximum mark to Germany, the other being 1986 when Über Die Brücke Geh’n by Ingrid Peters was the recipient of the UK’s 12 points.

Surprisingly Wencke Myhre received no points at all from Norway. Surprising because Myhre was from Oslo and already had a string of hits to her name in her homeland. She had attempted to represent Norway at Eurovision in 1964 (finishing 2nd in the Melodi Grand Prix with God Gammel Firkantet Vals) and 1966 (when she came 4th with Lørdagstripp). In 1983 she made another attempt for Germany (5th with Wir Beide Gegen Den Wind). Then back to Norway again in 1992 (Du Skal Få Din Dag I Morgen, 3rd) and – at the age of 62 – in 2009 (Alt Har En Mening Nå which was eliminated in the Melodi Grand Prix semi final). In 2003 Wencke cemented her reputation as a Norwegian ‘national treasure’ when she received an honorary Spellemanprisen, the Norwegian equivalent of a Grammy lifetime achievement award, and was ennobled as a Knight of St Olav the following year.

Germany plumped for Scandinavian female singers again in 1969 and 1973, but if the aim was to garner a few more votes from their representative’s native land it was not a success: in 1969 Siw Malmkwist failed to prise any votes from Sweden, and the Danes weren’t competing in 1973 so couldn’t have given Gitte Hænning points even had they wanted to.

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