393 Ljubav Je Svuda – Moje 3 (Serbia, 2013)

62Q4062The three members of Moje 3 had each taken part in the 2012 series of Prvi Glas Srbije, the Serbian version of TV talent show The Voice. Mirna Radulović (far left, in the ill-fitting lilac dress) had won the competition, Nevena Božović (centre, in the striped yellow pyjamas) was second, and Sara Jovanović (right, in the pink polka dots) was third.

After The Voice Of Serbia the girls were recast as a trio and entered Eurovision with a song co-written by Saša Milošević Mare. Mare had been a judge on Prvi Glas Srbije, and had previously written Serbia’s winning Eurovision entry in 2007, Molitva (see No. 419). Ljubav Je Svuda (Love Is Everywhere) featured in 2013’s first semi final and received a total of 46 points, 25 of which came from three neighbouring ex-Yugoslav states (10 from Croatia, 10 from Monenegro, 5 from Slovenia). This was enough only for an 11th place finish, 6 points off qualifying for the final.

That year Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia all failed to make it out of the semis. Bosnia had withdrawn because of financial difficulties and so for the first time since 1985 there was no Yugoslavian presence in a Eurovision final. The result precipitated a Balkan mini-exodus with Croatia and Serbia following Bosnia out through the exit door. It would not be until 2016 before all three nations returned to the Eurovision fold.

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2 Responses to 393 Ljubav Je Svuda – Moje 3 (Serbia, 2013)

  1. Martin says:

    The ladies dressed like this would have got into the Final as it sort of translates the story of woman with a good and bad conscience on each shoulder. The Eurovision outfits made no sense at all and only deserved the Barbara Dex…

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