416 Stronger Every Minute – Lisa Andreas (Cyprus, 2004)

Lisa Andreas

Lisa Andreas

So we come to the sixth of 13 entries inside the Top 500 for Cyprus. An admirable total – it’s the same number as Denmark and Finland and, surprisingly, two more than Cyprus’ chums Greece, but most Cypriot entries are in the lower reaches of our chart, and only three have made it into the top half of our countdown.

In the contest itself Cyprus’ results haven’t been anything like as good. Since their debut in 1981 the highest position they have reached is 5th, achieved three times: by Anna Vissi’s Mono I Agapi in 1982, Hara and Andreas Constantinou’s Mana Mou in 1997 and, most recently, Lisa Andreas with Stronger Every Minute in 2004.

Andreas was, in fact, British – she was born Lisa Large in Gillingham, Kent (very near where I spent most of my teenage years). Her parents were Greek Cypriots and so she was christened in Cyprus and spent a couple of years living in Nicosia as a child.

After Eurovision she took part in the 4th series of the UK’s X Factor in 2007 but got no further than the second round.

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3 Responses to 416 Stronger Every Minute – Lisa Andreas (Cyprus, 2004)

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  2. Martin says:

    One of the nicest love songs ever at Eurovision…

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