454 Gleðibankinn – ICY (Iceland, 1986)



There’s been a clustering of Icelandic entries around the mid 450s – three of the last four posts have been from the tiny Nordic island. This latest was Iceland’s very first submission to Eurovision in 1986. That year Iceland became the 25th country to take part in the contest, their debut coming five years after Cyprus in 1981, and seven years prior to the trio of newly minted Balkan states (Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia) in 1993.

A solo Pálmi Gunnarsson (he of the white jacket) had performed Gleðibankinn in the Icelandic national finals, but after winning he roped in Eirikur Hauksson and Helga Möller, two of the unsuccessful vocalists who had also competed that year, and so it was a threesome that travelled to Bergen in Norway as the first Icelandic Eurovision representatives.

In 1991 Hauksson would return to Eurovision with another trio, Just 4 Fun, singing for Norway. Then – a further 16 years later – once again for Iceland as a solo artist (see No. 485).

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