453 En Dag – Tommy Nilsson (Sweden, 1989)

Tommy Nilsson

Tommy Nilsson

Only Ireland can better Sweden’s total of six wins – add to those six a further 17 Top 5 finishes (compared to Ireland’s 11), and a case could easily be made for Sweden being Eurovision’s most successful nation ever.

En Dag was one of those 16 songs that finished inside the Top 5, and it is the first of 24 Swedish entries inside our Top 500 (though our very first Swedish post appeared just outside – see No. 501). Surprisingly our countdown contains one song more from Sweden’s less successful neighbours Norway – albeit the Swedish entries are (generally) higher up our chart.

Before the contest Köping-born Erik Tommy Nilsson had been a singer with the heavy rock bands Horizont and Easy Action. He had also enjoyed a big hit in France with a solo single No Way No How in 1981, though eight years later that cut very little ice with the French jury as they awarded him a mere two points.

The song, En Dag (One Day), was co-written by Alexander Bard who, in the following decade, would achieve success worldwide as the mastermind behind Swedish trio Army Of Lovers.


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3 Responses to 453 En Dag – Tommy Nilsson (Sweden, 1989)

  1. Martin says:

    I think a stronger case could be made for the UK, given we have won 5 times and have finished second FIFTEEN times…

    I think that Sweden ought to wait until they win again before making that particular claim!

    Liked by 1 person

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