470 Reise Nach Jerusalem (Kudüs’e Seyahat) – Sürpriz (Germany, 1999)

hqdefaultNext up we have Germany’s first entry in the Top 500, the last of the ‘Big 4’ countries to make an appearance. Germany are unique in having competed in every single contest, although their 1996 entry (Leon’s Planet of Blue) was eliminated in a pre-contest selection round and is not officially counted. Planet Of Blue did, however, feature in our considerations but fell short of the chart.

Reise Nach Jerusalem is the first of 24 German entries that did make it (the fewest number of all the Big 4 nations) and was performed by Sürpriz, a six piece group of German-Turkish musicians assembled specifically for Eurovision. With German, Turkish, English and Hebrew lyrics penned by prolific songwriter Ralph Siegel, it proved a hit on the night, finishing third – one of only 11 German entries to have made the Top 3.

This is also the first of eight Siegel compositions in our chart. Since 1974 a total of 24 of his songs have featured in the Eurovision finals representing not only Germany but Luxembourg, Switzerland, Montenegro and San Marino too, while another 50 have been put forward to various national selection finals for countries as disparate as Ireland, Portugal, Malta and Moldova.

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6 Responses to 470 Reise Nach Jerusalem (Kudüs’e Seyahat) – Sürpriz (Germany, 1999)

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