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469 Welche Farbe Hat Der Sonnenschein? – Rainy Day (Switzerland, 1984)

Eurovision has never been at the cutting edge of popular music but there have been times when the winning songs have reflected the zeitgeist better than others, for instance France Gall’s Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son, Abba’s Waterloo and even Loreen’s … Continue reading

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470 Reise Nach Jerusalem (Kudüs’e Seyahat) – Sürpriz (Germany, 1999)

Next up we have Germany’s first entry in the Top 500, the last of the ‘Big 4’ countries to make an appearance. Germany are unique in having competed in every single contest, although their 1996 entry (Leon’s Planet of Blue) was eliminated … Continue reading

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471 Mono Yia Mas – Constantinos (Cyprus, 1996)

1981 was the year Cyprus made their debut in Eurovision. Since then their entries have received the maximum 12 points from Greece on no fewer than 16 occasions. Indeed, between the years 1996 and 2014 the two countries were able to vote for each other a total … Continue reading

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472 Nagu Merelaine – Silvi Vrait (Estonia, 1994)

By 1993, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the break-up of the former Yugoslavia, the original format for Eurovision had become unworkable – there were now simply too many countries wishing to compete to fit into a broadcastable show. It was therefore decided … Continue reading

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473 Giorgio – Lys Assia (Switzerland, 1958)

With Giorgio Lys Assia becomes the first artist to appear more than once in our blog, though strictly speaking her first entry, Refrain, sits just outside the Top 500 (see No. 502). Assia was born Rosa Mina Schärer in 1924 in the German-speaking town of … Continue reading

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474 My Number One – Helena Paparizou (Greece, 2005)

Greece first competed in Eurovision in 1974, notching up a series of unspectacular results: in the 27 years to 2000 they only just scraped into the Top 5 on two occasions. However, since the turn of the millennium, it’s been an entirely … Continue reading

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475 Dès Que Le Printemps Revient – Hugues Aufray (Luxembourg, 1964)

This is the third song from the 1960s to appear in our countdown and, like the previous two, it is from 1964 (the next 1960s entry will also be from that particular annus mirabilis, but that’s a little way off yet). … Continue reading

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