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482 Waterline – Jedward (Ireland, 2012)

Lipstick finished in a very respectable eighth place the year before but it’s the twins’ 2012 entry, the more conventional pop number Waterline, that finds a place inside our Top 500, even though it ended up 11 places lower. Jedward – John and … Continue reading

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483 One Thing I Should Have Done – Giannis Karagiannis (Cyprus, 2015)

It is probably still too close to judge objectively but the 2015 contest seemed a fitting celebration of 60 years of Eurovision. The standard of songs was excellent and the staging possibly the best ever. One Thing I Should Have … Continue reading

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484 L’amour À La Française – Les Fatals Picards (France, 2007)

And here we have our debut French entry, the first of 33 in the Top 500. It’s a travesty that France haven’t won Eurovision since 1977; consistently they come up with one of the best songs of the year but recently, with the odd exception, they … Continue reading

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485 Valentine Lost – Eirikur Hauksson (Iceland, 2007)

Lordi’s win in 2006 precipitated a batch of rock influenced entries to the 2007 contest of which Valentine Lost is one. That none of them (with the possible exception of Work Your Magic by Dmitry Koldun for Belarus) did all that well is … Continue reading

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486 La Dolce Vita – Anneli Saaristo (Finland, 1989)

Anneli Saaristo had been plugging away at Eurovision since 1978 but it wasn’t until 1989, on her third attempt, that she finally managed to get the chance to represent her country with La Dolce Vita. The song’s lyrics are Finnish but the … Continue reading

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487 Jij Bent Mijn Leven – Anneke Grönloh (Netherlands, 1964)

In 1964 Anneke Grönloh became the first artist from outside Europe to compete in Eurovision. She had been born in 1942 in Tondano, Indonesia (then known as the Dutch East Indies) and spent her first years in a Japanese controlled concentration camp where … Continue reading

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488 Fra Mols Til Skagen – Aud Wilken (Denmark, 1995)

Aud Wilken was born in 1965 in East Berlin to a Danish father and German mother. The family moved to her father’s homeland in the mid 1970s and by the late 1980s she was performing with a local punk band called the Overlords. The … Continue reading

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